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miraclegardenblog.com respects the privacy of its users. miraclegardenblog.com respects the privacy laws. miraclegardenblog.com does not violate any kind of users' privacy at any cost. The following points are the key hallmarks of our great respect and adherence with the privacy of the individuals.

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miraclegardenblog.com collects information from the public sources and give them proper referencing.

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miraclegardenblog.com does not take responsibility, if someone copies pictures from our website and publishes it on their own website.

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The information available on the miraclegardenblog.com is on the basis of the secondary data and some self-observations. Errors may happen within the articles and we welcome our viewers to contact us at our email sunnyitec@gmail.com to correct us.

miraclegardenblog.com is not responsible for any kinds of comments on its website. However, if any of the comment is found offensive on our website, we shall have the right to quickly remove that comment.

Offensive content will include abusive language, unfair criticism on any commodity, race or religious sects.

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